About us


is one of global leaders in development and manufacture of solutions in the field of special-purpose mobile infrastructure.

The main assets of the Corporation are mobile equipment production plants (Shumerlya Special Vehicles Plant, Oreltekmash), Engineering Center, electric engineering plant (Proektelektrotechnika), as well as Service Solutions Center.

Our Corporate team includes 2500 employees working in 7 cities of the European part of Russia.


Complexity of our products varies from containers supplied for further equipment accommodation to fully functional mobile service centers, field camps, field medical and headquarter packages with all necessary infrastructure (life support, power supply, communication).

Our products are in operation in 21 countries around the world either as independent items and packages or as parts of air defense and radioelectronic warfare units. They are also included in the list of products of the Armaments 2020 priority procurement program of the Russian Federation.

Some types of initiatively-developed products are uniquely supplied by the Corporation the Russian Ministry of Defense.


For many years the Proekt-Technika Corporation has been using the most recent innovations and technologies in the world, introducing modern methods and means, special software packages and data processing technologies to design and production. The Corporation's companies have licences for development and production of military equipment, multiple patents of the Russian Federation and a certificate of state attestation of scientific organizations.

Our quality standards comply with international and Russian quality standards, as well as military equipment development and production system in Russia.

About us


We are a united team that steadily goes to the goals set before it. Each member is an integral part of the team, who is responsible personally for achieving the strategic goal of the Corporation and shares its values and priorities.


Self-fulfillment and desire to create are the goal of our work. Unusual solutions and quality products are results of our work. We work for the benefit of society and facilitate progress.

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